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Out of Stock: How COVID-19 Has Impacted Canadian Shopping Habits
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Charting the Wild West: The Rise of New Western Narratives
The Metaverse

Ready or not, the Metaverse is here, and brands and businesses can no longer shy away from jumping in.

Spotlight on Spotify

In this report, Horizon Media sheds light on brand and media implications surrounding the recent Spotify and Joe Rogan controversy.

Top Trends 2022: Creating with Intention

Horizon Media uncovers eight new trends for 2022 in the latest issuance of our Top Trends series: Creating with Intention.

Real Estate Goes Meta

Decentraland and the Sandbox are granting people to co-create its future, with the latest development being the sale of digital real estate.

Instagram Ups Branded Content Capabilities

Instagram is providing more ways for creators to monetize content, and brands to more easily create, share and amplify.

Ocean Spray’s Viral TikTok Moment

Ocean Spray's viral TikTok moment - what happened and what brands can learn.

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TikTok Ban In The US
How to Get Your Brand Started on Reddit

Filled with passionate communities and limitless branded content opportunities, Reddit can be a powerful platform – if used right.

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Enduring Positivity