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The Power of Sports Subcultures for Brand–Fan Engagement
Horror Appeal Bleeds Past Halloween – and the Screen

Gen Z isn't just consuming horror genre entertainment – they're making it.

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Holiday Report 2022: The Three Holidays of America Under Inflation
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Horizon’s Chief Marketing and Equity Officer Latraviette Smith-Wilson on Doing DEI Differently
Hospitality Trend: WanderMUST

With self-care a growing priority, the quest for unique, “all-out” experiences are in high demand.

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Top Trends Shaping Hospitality in 2022
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Inflation Nation Webinar: What Brands Should Know
New Normal Newsflash: August 2022

At the end of summer 2022, inflation and economic concerns are top of mind.

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Ads Go Artificial: Are AI Image-Generators Creative Competitors?
Top Trends: Real-Time Retail

Tech solutions like robotics, direct-to-avatar shopping, and automation are transforming the speed of retail.

2022 African American and Black Culture Media Handbook

Authentic connection requires listening to and learning from an array of unique perspectives.

Content Wars: Long-Form Content isn’t Dead – it’s Being Disguised as Short-Form

A recent trend shows the potential of long-form video content in short-form packaging.