Injecting Change: Weighing the Future of Insurance in the Age of Ozempic

June, 2024

Over the last four years, GLP-1s (including Ozempic, Mounjaro, and Wegovy) have burst onto the scene, capturing the attention of a nation of dieters with the potential to impact several industries that cut across people’s lives every day, from dining out to impulse shopping to nutritional supplements. 

As a result, Horizon’s WHY Group is exploring the impact of GLP-1 drugs on different industries to help clients innovate amidst disruption. Our Injecting Change series will assess each sector’s risks and opportunities and provide actionable steps to navigate this upheaval through research, media, and marketing.

The GLP-1 Wave is Poised to Upend the Insurance Industry

The disruption has prompted three major challenges for insurers — increased risk of churn, risk of losing young policyholders, and emerging policy risk:

  • Risk of increased churn: 37% of those interested in GLP-1s have at least considered switching insurance companies in the past year — up from 30% of people overall.  

  • Risk of losing young policyholders: Almost half (47%) of those 18-24 who are interested in these drugs say they’d consider leaving traditional insurance altogether for access to GLP-1s.

  • New competitive risk: A wide range of innovators are stepping in to use this demand as doorways into their brands, and half of those interested in GLP-1s are open to a variety of non-traditional ways to get them, like med spas, membership services, and compounding pharmacies; among those very interested, that number goes up to 2/3.

Powered by our Finger on the Pulse panel and social and cultural intelligence, each report in the series will track where we are on the wave of GLP-1 agonist uptake and elaborate on the vulnerabilities and opportunities one specific sector faces. We’ll also give actionable steps we can take to help brands navigate this period of change via research, media, and marketing.

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