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Brands People The New Normal
Redefining Fandom: Part I of Scout 360’s Return To Play Series
Culture People The New Normal
New Normal Newsletter: 2021 Volume 1
fans cheerings
Brands People The New Normal
Return to Play Webinar: Sports in the New Normal
Overloaded Online: Explore the Ways Online Culture is Shifting

People navigate the good, bad, and ugly of our increasingly virtually dependent world via boundary setting, truth seeking, and connection.

Redirecting Destruction
Shaking off the Stress

People put themselves ME First with productive release strategies via self-gifting, rage rooms, and screaming it out.

Opening to Inner Truths

Learning from failures of 2020 and stepping courageously into 2021, people seek relief in ideals of emotional openness and empathy that strengthen self-confidence and promote healthy self-awareness.

Betterment 2.0

People's evolving approach to betterment in a COVID world and beyond.

Culture People The New Normal
New Normal Newsletter: Travel
People The New Normal
Collaboration Collectives
Brands Culture
The Tailored Treatment
Soothing Stress

Self-care hits home with Netflix's "The Home Edit," close-to-home travel, and shifted work hours.