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Acting on Self-Care for the Soul

People are emulating self-care by having open discussions, setting boundaries, and advocating for systemic changes - and brands are getting involved, too.

Anticipating Summer Sensations

With people anticipating summer fun, brands are teasing experiences through products that satisfy people's sense of smell, touch, and taste.

New CDC COVID-19 Guidelines

Despite confusion around CDC guidelines released May 13, the recommendations will immediately cause changes in mask habits and vaccine perceptions.

Making Ends Meet via Self-Monetization

By growing their personal value, people are forging a “Monetize Me” attitude that helps them sell the most important product of all - themselves.

Culture People The New Normal
COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy
Culture People The New Normal
New Normal Newsflash: April 2021
Chauvin Verdict + BLM

Analysis of online discussion in the wake of the Derek Chauvin trial to understand the scale and tone of reaction to the verdict and more.

Adventure Escapes During Uncertain Times

People satisfy their hunger for epic experience via spontaneous domestic travel, unique local stays, and virtual globe trotting.

Lending Hands for the Greater Good

Through selfless acts, people are helping other businesses, marginalized groups, and financially vulnerable communities get the support they need.

Reimagining Sponsorships: Part IV of Scout 360’s Return To Play Series

Organizations have the chance to reap strong rewards in the reimagined landscape, with new ways to get attention and expand emotional ties.

Culture People The New Normal
New Normal Newsflash: March 2021
Turning the Tide for Inclusivity

People are proclaiming individual and communal MYdentities by striving toward equal representation and opportunities in media, finance, and healthcare.