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Inflation Nation: One Year Later
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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing
Origins of Augmented Reality by Chapter + Verse   

Horizon's Chapter & Verse explores the origins and current status of AR.

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2022 LGBTQ+ Media Handbook Summary
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The Path to Health: Inequitable Hurdles to Care
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2023 Top Trends in Action: Retail
AI search bots
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Search Chatbots: AI-Powered Chat Functionality in Search and its Impact on the Search Ads Industry
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Web 2.AI: Unpacking the Latest in Artificial Intelligence + Implications for Advertisers
2022 African American + Black Culture Handbook: Summary

A summary of Black and African American consumers in today's media environment.

Top Trends 2023

Culture is constantly evolving – we've identified nine emerging trends shaping 2023.

Top Trends 2023: Failed Alt Systems

What happens when new systems designed to be more egalitarian than past establishments fail?

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Well-Versed: A Web3 Newsletter by Horizon’s Chapter & Verse