Data Clean Rooms

June, 2022

In a world where data has become the most valuable asset for organizations – and data privacy protection is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have – finding ways to both take advantage of Big Data and meet privacy protection regulations is integral to the AdTech and MarTech ecosystem. With this comes an expectation from advertisers of higher standards from agencies and partners to track their marketing spending. The solution? Data clean rooms provide safe and secure environments that protect individuals’ privacy while also returning valuable insights in support of business decisions.

What Is a Data Clean Room?

Data clean rooms are encrypted, hermetic, and secure computing and data storage areas where sensitive data is anonymized, layered, and aggregated by the data clean room provider. Clean rooms are an evolution of the “walled gardens” concept, which typically didn’t involve customer-level data or identity resolution capabilities. Those first-generation media clean rooms include Google Ads Data Hub, Amazon Marketing Cloud, or Facebook Advanced Analytics (now deprecated).

With third-party cookies sunsetting in 2023, advertisers and publishers have realized the importance of solid first-party data and ensuring the right capabilities for extracting its value. As a result, data clean rooms have expanded to include customer-level data, and identity resolution capabilities and are quickly expanding.

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