CES Recap: 2023 Top Trends

Casey Romaine, January 27, 2023

Every year, the world’s biggest brands come together to do business, meet new partners, and watch the sharpest innovators hit the stage at the CES Conference. Below, Horizon Media’s Pedro L. Rodriguez (SVP, Head of Chapter & Verse) and Ian LaPlace (SVP, Entertainment & Experiences, First Tube) identify trends and highlights from this year’s event.

Among the trends, an overall shift from products to partnerships as heroes — as seen in the new electric vehicle prototype from Sony in partnership with Honda.

Image Source: Sony

And with a game changing new product, Proto showcased its lifelike holographic display device that, as LaPlace says, offers the opportunity to leverage talent in entirely new ways. Using the device to bring talent across the globe can allow interaction at scale in a way that we’ve never seen possible.

Image source: Protohologram.com

Watch the full video below.

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