2023 Top Trends: Financial Frontiers

June, 2023

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As financial uncertainty and inflation persist, advanced tech and human ingenuity are spawning new systems of creating, exchanging, and securing wealth as a necessary survival strategy. Traditional means of building wealth are increasingly inaccessible. 

80% of adults 18-34 say financial success is much less attainable for their generation vs. generations before them.*

Housing rate increases are nearly 3X that of inflation, and wages aren’t keeping pace, hiking the average age of first-time home buyers up to 36 (+3 years in the past year alone). For many Americans, especially those under 35 (82%) and BIPOC (72%), the traditional systems of gaining wealth feel totally broken.

New systems for creating, exchanging, and securing wealth are shaping 2023 and beyond. As inflation and threats of a recession continue to loom, 2023 will expand on short-term solutions like Buy-Now-Pay-Later into the widespread testing of nontraditional wealth-building tactics, like alternative investments (e.g., reselling luxury goods), influencer-founded competitor brands, and an exploding resale marketplace. 75% of 18-34s are considering alternate forms of investments like reselling luxury goods or fine art.* We’re seeing a major reform of how people strategize and monetize their investments today with an eye to their financial tomorrow.

Why it matters: 

Many brands are focused on short-term profits — quarterly sales and earnings goals in service of investors and shareholders. But brands that deliver long-term value, or work to create a two-way value exchange with customers (e.g., fractional shares with purchase), not just with shareholders, are poised for greater success and stability amid market and inflationary fluctuations. 

What brands can do:

Time to Knock Their Stocks Off

There’s white space for brands to partner with people in ways that not only guarantee bottom-line success but future wealth for shopper-stakeholders. 

For example, an entertainment brand could crowdsource funding from potential viewers as an alternate investment in the success of a feature film or newly produced show. Fans will be even more motivated to promote it.

*Source: Horizon Media Finger on the Pulse. Survey Fielded January 9-12; n=999

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