Top Trends 2023

February, 2023

In 2022 we saw several pivotal events — the overturning of a 50-year law by the Supreme Court, Elon Musk’s seemingly impulsive Twitter takeover, FTX’s high-profile collapse, nationally televised hearings of the January 6th Committee, and a contentious mid-term election. The kind of events that force people to question how the actions of a powerful few impact the majority. 

Looking at the year ahead, we’ve identified the major cultural shifts and key forces at play influencing the nine trends we’re seeing unfold for 2023. They include ongoing inflation, an uncertain job market, a new Congress with a new party in power, and a relaxing of the hypervigilance we held for the past three years. We’re starting to see the practical uses of technology that just a few years ago seemed futuristic, and at the same time, we’re grappling with the broader societal impact of these technologies. 

In 2023, we won’t just be asking whether we need new systems, but new shepherds. We’ll ask what role there is for brands to play in helping the current systems work better for more people.

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