2023 Top Trends: Personal (AI)ssistants

June, 2023

The Culture Shift:

In our Top Trends report earlier this year, we marked 2023 as the official tipping point for the role of AI technology in culture. And with fast-paced tech innovation comes hyper-speed cultural momentum, and we’re already seeing major movement. OpenAI’s ChatGPT saw record-breaking adoption, reaching 100M active users in just two months following its launch. Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI has swelled beyond their initial announcement of $10B to $13B. 

And as people have begun experimenting with using AI tech for personal decision-making (build me a diet for the day with 4000 calories and 200g of protein) and creative assistance, there’s a new use-case emerging. What was initially seen as a task automator – a resource to help free up space for creativity – is now facilitating entirely new creative processes. According to YouGov/Lightricks, 86% of content creators say that AI positively impacts their creative process. The tech is also spawning a wave of query-building “coaches” who are turning to TikTok to sell their skills as AI experts as new avenues for side hustles arise. AI is even helping people with the art of flirting. Blush is an AI-powered app that helps people build stronger romantic relationships by assisting with interpersonal dynamics and intimacy-building skills like healthy flirting.

Why it matters: 

As (AI)ssistants evolve to take on more everyday tasks, human ingenuity is more necessary than ever. While the hottest watch-outs call attention to mounting fears in the zeitgeist that AI will replace human ingenuity, it’s critical that brands highlight the ways in which AI is carving new paths to creativity. Just as information technology made us more efficient and productive, AI is enhancing creative problem-solving skillsets.

For brands: AI = Automate + Innovate

Brands will be poised for success by integrating AI not just as an efficiency-generator, but as an invitation to help people problem-solve in new ways.

Brands across sectors can establish a team of expert query coaches inside their organization. Make the team available as a resource for employees who may be hesitant to use AI to assist in various work functions (e.g., data analysis, presentation development, research), and provide them with creative ways to approach AI as a solution.

A credit card company could offer an (AI)ssistant to help new users spend creatively to maximize their rewards points.

An art brand with a storied heritage (like Kodak or Fuji film) could create an innovative AI Artistry curriculum and provide product discounts at schools and universities to elicit new recruits. 

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