Top Trends 2024

January, 2024

2023 asked a lot of us. Time after time, we were asked to hold space for conflicting ideas. We declared COVID-19 “over” at the end of the emergency order while people around us were still getting sick. We were told the economy was “back on track” with lowered inflation rates as our household expenses rose and home buying fell further out of reach. We were asked to return to the office in the name of productivity and connection while utilizing technology that enabled us to be productive and connected from anywhere. We were told to embrace new technologies like AI while also being told that these new technologies will soon make our jobs obsolete. 

Existing in a constant state of cognitive dissonance can be disorienting and anxiety-inducing. But if 2023 made us dizzy with discord, 2024 will allow us to take the reigns and use cognitive dissonance to its utmost advantage by provoking more critical and introspective thinking. 

Brands vying for people’s attention and loyalty in the coming year should stay cognizant of the push and pull people feel while trying to thread the needle, providing clarity over confusion and reassurance in the face of doubt.

The Report

This report uncovers the eight new trends we’ve identified ahead of the start of 2024. Each trend is measured for its cultural impact and durability by our Culture Quotient, which helps brands strategically determine which trends they should adopt based on their business objectives. The Impact Score measures the size of a given trend in terms of how many people it’s relevant to, while the Durability Score gives us a sense of how long a trend will be relevant, allowing us to separate the flashy, fast-culture moments from longer-term cultural movements. 

For the full report, click ‘Download PDF’ below.

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