Rebuilding the Future: Top Trends Shaping 2021 and Beyond, Volume Two

July 7, 2021

In our mid-year review of the top trends influencing a rapidly changing world, Horizon Media brings a fresh perspective on the most consequential trends, values, and behavioral shifts to expect on the road ahead.

Between social and racial inequities, economic volatility, environmental crisis, and the ongoing blurring of work/life, 2021 has been marked by a state of unending transition. In fact, the work ahead is not about getting ‘back to normal.’ Instead, the focus is on rebuilding a brand new normal for the future. Just as 2008 gave us the Great Recession, 2021 is ushering in a Great Rebuilding.

The trends that define the Great Rebuilding are centered on a set of affirming values that embody a prevailing “can do” attitude. In this report, we uncover seven key trends: The Free Agency Imperative, ECO-Currency, On-Demand Economy, Self-Care Revolution, Collective Consumerism, United States of Affinity, and Wholesomely Human.

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