Top Trends 2022: Creating with Intention

January 26, 2022

With a fresh perspective and a new year ahead, Horizon Media uncovers eight new trends for 2022 in the latest issuance of our Top Trends series: Creating with Intention.

We’re on the doorstep of 2022 – what will be our “Junior Year” of the pandemic. On the precipice of any threshold, we are faced with both choice and opportunity. But as Juniors, we keep our focus on what’s to come. As we look ahead, the themes and trends we’re seeing as being the most relevant in the coming year and beyond all have one common attribute: intention. Whether it’s an emerging technology, a newly held attitude or belief, a developing habit, or a product innovation, there is a focus on how these things will make life better, help to right a wrong, be more inclusive and work together to shape a future that aims to measurably improve upon the past. It’s not just new for the sake of new. It’s new with an intention to do better, be better, and build better.

The eight trends in this report reflect innovations that flex technology and creativity in service of purpose. They reflect the agency people exercise as they navigate their new realities, undoubtedly shaped by the unique experience of the past two years. 2022 and beyond will be shaped by values of responsibility, equity, control, authenticity, and community.

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