Unrestricted: A Cultural Shift Redefining the Diet

August, 2022

A cultural and generational shift is redefining the diet. For more than two years, we’ve been living in a time of restriction. From fluctuating COVID safety guidelines, stricter abortion laws, and wallet-pinching inflation, we’ve collectively experienced a lack of control over much in our daily lives. But in times of can’t do, we found that people turn inwards to take control where they can, making health and wellness an essential priority. 

Even in the face of inflation, people aren’t willing to sacrifice self-care, despite the cost.

Nearly 50% of Americans are actively pursuing or considering a lifestyle change through diet or exercise, influencing a $72.6B industry.* Our current reliance on video conferencing and social media in place of in-person interactions has put new pressure on people to appear attractive on-screen. But with the cultural shifts that have broadened beauty standards and diversified representation in the media, today’s diet culture has evolved beyond the extreme and unforgiving fads of the past. 

Though the word “diet” still holds toxic associations for some, there is a palpable generational shift in its meaning as people take the “strict” out of restricted and take “can do” steps into their personal betterment journeys. 

People are still dieting, they’re just doing it their way – with a lot more moderation and compassion. 

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