Marketing with Consciousness: How Culture is Redefining Business Expectations

November, 2021

Brand consciousness is becoming more critical to ensuring business longevity and relevancy as people embrace higher moral values for themselves, their communities and the environment. As people become more aware of their own beliefs and actions, their expectations of brands grow as well. In fact, 65% of American adults agree, “Brands must contribute to the greater good of humanity. Those who don’t will become obsolete.”

Being a conscious brand means evolving business priorities from CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to CCR (Corporate Conscious Responsibility). CSR has been around for decades, but it’s no longer enough to consider it a separate marketing lever or an add-on to a business plan. CCR flips the traditional CSR model on its head – from focusing on good corporate citizenship after satisfying all other business and economic priorities (CSR), to a values-based model toward becoming an agent of change for collective growth and betterment (CCR). With philanthropic and ethical responsibilities as the top priority, brands must weigh their impact on people, communities, and the environment, and not just on their bottom line.

In our report, Marketing with Consciousness, we identify six macrotrends that are shaping the “Revolution of Consciousness,” a fresh take on cultural happenings, data on contemporary attitudes and values, and marketing perspectives for brands.

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