Top Trends 2022: Volume 2

July, 2022

Back in January, we released a report of top trends centered around the theme of Creating with Intention – innovations that flexed technology and creativity in service of purpose. At the mid-year point of 2022, we’re looking to see how cultural shifts in the first half of the year will shape how the rest of the year plays out as we look ahead to 2023. 

This report identifies six key forces at play that influenced the eleven trends we’re seeing unfold. This includes inflation, technological advancements, upcoming midterm elections, an ongoing pandemic, and the recent Supreme Court ruling, which has been top of mind for many. Building on the theme of intention, we’re seeing the application of technology and creativity to make the kind of measurable improvements that result when people are put first. 

We’re not just looking to build a metaverse, but a betterverse – a world (real and virtual) that creates mutually beneficial outcomes for people, brands, and the planet. The key to creating a betterverse is to put people first, always – and those who play in the shadows can expect to be called out. 

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