The Tailored Treatment

December, 2020

With people spending more time with themselves, they’re free to enhance their lifestyles as deemed fit. And thanks to smart technologies and democratized marketplaces, demands for personalization are amplified. People expect Tailor Made products and services that give them exactly what they want.

Tailored, a newly-launched pet food brand as of this year, offers customized meals with your fluffy companion’s name tagged on. After completing a short quiz that factors in health, activity, and breed, the brand creates a unique blend of ingredients that target wellness goals and avoid sensitivities, addressing each pet’s specific needs.

When it comes to making human living spaces reflect our unique needs and personalities, brands are taking notice. Samsung aims to reflect individual lifestyles through Project PRISM, allowing people to personalize the materials, colors, shapes, and designs of the products. After analyzing 1.95 million food purchase patterns, the brand concocted the idea of customized food storage zones. Their latest bespoke appliance, the New Chef Collection refrigerator, offers 150 combinations in designs and options.

People can personalize home furnishing patterns and textures, too. Over at home brand The Inside, customizing fabric to budget-friendly made-to-order furniture is their bread and butter. Through their short Style Quiz, they curate a selection of furniture type(s), design(s), fabric type(s), and color(s), seamlessly helping people build their one-of-a-kind staples. As of August 2020, custom sofas are now on the menu.

Brands can celebrate individual lifestyles, too. A smart TV brand can create a #UXforME sweepstakes where people opt-in to trial custom widget designs for a tailored viewing experience. Encourage discussion across social platforms like Twitter and Reddit, and award select participants with exclusive early access to the final designs. Follow with a PR push to amply via earned digital and video media coverage of the innovative campaign.

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