New Normal Newsletter: Travel

December 11, 2020

In today’s environment, it is essential to understand the sentiment around pressing cultural issues and how people respond. These elements will shape how brands should connect in our new dynamic environment.

With government restrictions easing, infection rates rising,  and pandemic fatigue setting in, travel brands are embarking on the long road to recovery after a devastating year. Those willing to travel are faced with a “new normal” approach to vacation planning that weighs the risks and rewards of finding their way to getaways. These travelers are striking a precarious balance between serendipity and security – adventuring versus possibly contracting COVID-19, and spending on leisure versus saving up for future financial shocks.

Horizon Media explored:

  • Results of a scenario planning experiment that reveals how travelers will react to various potential vaccine deployment outcomes in 2021
  • How concerns over risk influence a traveler’s actions
  • The growth of a new form of travel among affluent remote workers
  • How brands can attract and reach travelers in the new normal

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