COVID-19 Social Intelligence Deep Dive: Retail

March 25, 2020

Horizon Media explored social conversation surrounding the Retail category amidst COVID-19, and discovered:

CARING FOR WORKERS FIRST: Consumers call for the close of all non-essential stores, but also want to see employees supported and will choose to support generous brands

  • With storefront closures: switch messaging towards online shopping
  • Clearly communicate worker plans including re-hiring strategy if possible


  • Promotions can entice consumers to look – ensure easy delivery/returns to make shopping as seamless as being in store
  • Furthermore, think creatively; can you offer something beyond typical sales copy to encourage consumers to visit sites and connect with the brand

PRACTICAL AND EMOTIONAL REASONS TO BUY: Consumers are wary of buying non-essential items with economic uncertainty. In addition to coupons, remind consumers of the light at the end of the tunnel and that they can treat themselves since normalcy will return. This is especially relevant for luxury goods which are tied to events which may be cancelled

FASHION/BEAUTY FOR ENTERTAINMENT: Some consumers continue their routines, but increased spare time also allows time to play and experiment in a safe setting. Brands can bond with consumers who are seeking entertainment with tutorials and creative content around styling/makeup/wellness or by hosting giveaways for those willing to showcase their WFH style

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