Polyculturalism: A New Planning Approach Grounded In Culture

July, 2021

The new General Market as we know it is Multicultural. 2020 marked the first time in which over 50% of the US population under 18 is Multicultural. Rapidly becoming a driving force in America this shift is having a great effect on the nation’s cultural landscape, creating a new mainstream – one that is highly diverse in both people and mindset. The United States will only continue to become more diverse and therefore the conventional methods of planning General Market first and then multicultural around it are no longer effective. The need for marketing practices to be inclusive and culturally relevant are no longer optional, they are imperative. Horizon Media’s goal is to lead the industry with a new planning approach, Polyculturalism, grounded in authenticity by harnessing the power of inclusivity to super serve brands, understanding the importance of embracing cultural nuances among consumers, and emphasizing similarities and the interconnectedness of diverse groups rather than the lines that divide them.

Polyculturalism allows us to evolve and look at the new General Market through a culture first lens. Our Polyultural approach provides an understanding on where we are as a society and industry in the Present because of our Past, and how we can adapt our strategies to define a better Future.

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