Celebrating Right: How People & Brands are Recalibrating Holiday Rituals

November, 2021

People are Creating a Festive Season That’s Right for Them…Right Now

Last year, people’s holiday traditions went virtual as shelter-at-home orders and store closures meant people had limited real-world ways to celebrate and shop.

In 2021, despite the vaccine and loosening of pandemic restrictions, uncertainty still looms. Uneven employment recovery, unequal economic outcomes, and enormous supply chain issues are causing people to adjust their holiday plans once again. But this year, people have options and the freedom to create their holidays…their own way. No longer bound to old traditions and expectations, people can blend old with new, real-world with virtual. Just as the nation is experiencing “the great re-building” after COVID-19, people are rebuilding their holidays and right-sizing rituals.

What does right-sizing the holidays mean for marketers and brands? This report shares four ways brands can do this holiday season right.

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