Re-Engineering Live Events: Part III of Scout 360’s Return To Play Series

March 9, 2021

COVID-19 hit the entertainment and live event space hard. A traditionally dynamic space overflowing with excitement, enthusiasm, and energy suddenly went quiet. Stadiums once filled with live spectators cheering sat empty; convention centers, concert halls, and theaters went dark. The live event space and the world around it, on pause indefinitely.

As the world slowly started to emerge from the shock of COVID-19, so too did the live event space, pushing the boundaries of the meaning of live. Whether in-person or online, COVID-19 continues to inspire new ways of thinking and new executions.

Horizon Media’s Scout 360 studied these phenomenon in the “new world” of live events, highlighting the changing attitudes of attendees, the role virtual will play in live events moving forward, and how brands can find their footing with experiential marketing as events continue returning.

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