Canada’s Connected TV and Content Landscape

December, 2022

Propelled by the pandemic, Canada’s video streaming landscape has accelerated tremendously over the past few years. While ‘linear’ TV remains the significant method of consumption, long-form video content streamed through a device connected to a TV is now a fixed part of Canadian viewing and has become the only form of content consumption for many.

What we found:

  • Canadians most prefer the Comedy & Drama Genres. Anime is the most disliked, but most liked Genre amongst 20-34 Year Old’s.
  • Social Media is a key content discovery platform. Facebook & Instagram are key content discovery channels for Canadians.
  • Canadians don’t like ads. They feel that the ads targeted at them are irrelevant.
  • Cost & Content Selection are key to reducing churn. Price and Content choice are the top factors that will help keep customers happy.
  • Canadians are more tolerant to ads during bigger sporting events. There’s a correlation between how much people look forward to watching a big event and how tolerant they are of the ads that come with it.

The following report dives deeper into the Canadian Connected TV and content landscape to better understand how and where Canadian’s discover content they want to watch, what motivates them to stay subscribed to specific platforms, why they do and don’t tolerate advertising on those platforms, and the significant role sports plays in this connected landscape.

Click ‘Download PDF’ below to read our key findings.

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