AI in Action: The New TV Guide

July, 2023

When it comes to entertainment, Horizon’s AI analysis of big data reveals the power of thinking small.  

People are overwhelmed when deciding what to watch. To reduce the massive menu options to ones that are more likely to be in their wheelhouse, one-third (33%)* use word of mouth via social media.  

In our latest report, AI in Action: The New TV Guide, we used in-depth AI analysis to understand how people are making their entertainment decisions. We inputted training data from Twitter into GPT-3 and used 60,000 tweets to find out how recommendations spread and the key attributes of shows recommended.  

What we learned:

  • Turning social recommendations into action requires small follower counts, not large ones.  
  • Celebrity influencers play a role, but ironically, it’s a supporting one.
  • Initial recommendation volume is just the tip of the iceberg. Re-mentions inside small social networks are what really drive momentum.
  • Turning positive online word of mouth into viewing is about activating specific micro-communities of “Everyday Influencers” that form around content.
  • Every show leaves a unique engram or “memory imprint” comprised of “Everyday Influencers” and what they say, which is like a roadmap of influence for marketers that can be leveraged with existing social media tools.  

For the full report, click ‘Download PDF’ below.

*Horizon Media, Finger on the Pulse – Evolution of Entertainment, November 2022

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