2022 African American and Black Culture Media Handbook

Casey Romaine, September 13, 2022

From Horizon Multicultural, the 2022 African American and Black Culture & Media handbook serves as a guide to understand African American and Black consumers in today’s media environment. Specifically, it provides insight into who they are, how they interact with media, the content they choose to engage with, and how culture drives their path to purchase.

This handbook will explain the importance of inclusivity and speaking authentically to the African American and Black population. However, it is important to recognize that this is only one step in an ongoing discussion on how to connect with and understand the African American & Black community.

The African American & Black identity is not a monolith – it encompasses a large variety of intersectionality, preferences, perspectives, and experiences. It is thus our job to listen to and seek out different voices within this community to learn how we can authentically engage with them in our media, marketing, and creative campaigns. 

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