Well-Versed July 2023: A Web3 Newsletter by Chapter & Verse

July, 2023


Patrick Mahomes recently launched an NFT project of his own. “Museum of Mahomes will serve up NFTs inspired by the Chiefs star, some of which will be tied to real-world perks like physical trading cards, autographed jerseys and footballs, and more.


Image via Marketing Dive

Horror Movie Talk to Me launched in Fortnite and integration features a playable experience intended to mirror the atmosphere of the movie, inclusive of notable locations like the seance room. The experience culminates with a final challenge in a haunted mansion, where players can unlock in-game rewards.


Netflix Announced the use of the Magenta Green Screen (MGS) which leverages the power of artificial intelligence to enhance visual effects, making them more realistic and precise in real-time. Utilizing AI, Netflix made a name for itself in successfully profiling its users and suggesting content to viewers. AI has also helped Netflix create engrossing highlights, recaps, and trailers to increase viewership.

Chapter Two: Case Study


Lego and Epic Games have entered a partnership that will offer physical and digital elements for both brands. The partnership was announced at Cannes and exemplifies a shift to connecting the digital and physical worlds.


This strategy is taking two brands who have the same goal: Capture the attention and time spent of children while providing an engaging product. As we see the attention of younger demographics shifting to digital mediums, Lego is adapting its physical product to an increasing digital attention span. For Epic, they are getting a new, potentially younger, audience with the incorporation of Legos. Additionally, they get some additional IP and physical utility for engaging with their product.

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Coming out of Cannes brands are still seeing value in these spaces, and perhaps equally important, showing Epic games going into physical spaces and trying to blend digital and physical worlds.

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