Well-Versed June 2023: A Web3 Newsletter by Chapter & Verse

July, 2023

Perhaps the most highly anticipated XR release occurred in June with the Apple Vision Pro launch. And with it, branding in the marketplace continues to shift. For example, Metaverse and VR language was not used in the Apple keynote; instead, they referred to 3D-Interface as Spatial computing. While we don’t believe this product will be adopted by the masses, it will inform future iterations which can have significant impacts for brands to consider particularly when talking about content creation and storytelling. In other news, Web3 and Centralized E-Sports/Gaming are starting to merge. Nike DOT SWOOSH collectibles are being integrated into Fortnite and EA Sports Video games. This is a huge step for digital asset mass adoption in the space as gamers are typically among early adopters.


RTFKT has signed with CAA to explore TV and Film opportunities with the company’s IP. It joins other NFT brands that are looking to move to TV like Lil’ Heroes. It is going to be interesting to see Web3 native brands move into traditional content creation and its impact on the industry. Familiar players continue to push in Web3. Adidas & Fewocious have partnered to release both digital and physical Adidas Original products moving forward. Louis Vuitton created “phygital” NFTs to prove ownership in a transparent and immutable way.

Louis Vuitton via Cointelegraph


Cirque du Solei activated in a Roblox LIVE Event and Venue. While there is not as much buzz surrounding the metaverse, we are still seeing brands continuing to activate with immersive experiences.


Longtime rivals McDonald’s and Burger King leverage ChatGPT for OOH Ad competition. Generative AI is impacting content creation, creative concepting, and more.

Case Study

Fortnite via Coindesk


Nike and Fortnite are teaming up to offer .SWOOSH (Dot Swoosh) collectibles for consumers who spend 10 minutes or more in the Fortnite experience. .SWOOSH is Nike’s new blockchain-based loyalty platform which is currently in beta.


Fortnite provides a scalable, tech-forward user base for Nike to extend their .Swoosh blockchain-based loyalty platform to go above and beyond existing Web3. Nike offers Fortnite an incentive to reward extended dwell time and engagement as well as brings in Web3 users into Fortnite who might not be there already.


We are seeing the beginning of the integration of digital assets into scaled gaming, something that has been hypothesized for years now. Gaming is seen as a key market for Web3 to grow and connecting two iconic brands in their relative verticals around web3 in a centralized metaverse is significant for adoption.

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