Unbound and Boundless: The Untapped Market of the Voluntarily Child-Free

October, 2021

The past 18+ months have been marked by instability – and marketers depend on stable markets to survive turbulent times. With change as the only constant, people make efforts to assess what’s important to them, re-assess what’s not, and plan accordingly. While weddings and family planning were put on hold (COVID-19 was a baby bust), life and family planning took on new meaning. People’s mindful choices to postpone these decisions became an integral part of the process – including the choice to have children.

Although there’s a declining growth-rate of new parents and children, there is a solution for marketers. One often-missed market provides a unique and stable opportunity: The Voluntarily Child-Free (VCF), or adults who don’t have and don’t want children.

To better understand this cohort, Horizon Media’s WHY Group conducted a study in August, including a primary survey to 925 US adults, 8 in-depth interviews with VCF adults across the country, and analysis of several secondary and syndicated sources.

Click ‘Download PDF’ below to access the full report.

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