POV: Taylor Swift’s “Mass Niche” Approach is the Future of Marketing

December, 2023

Is the all-mighty impression dead? In an increasingly fragmented media landscape where hyper-individualized experiences reign supreme, marketers must care more about making an impression than amassing impressions. Driven by algorithms that understand people’s passions down to the finest detail, we’ve entered the Era of Mass Niche, and young people are forging deep connections through passionate, like-minded communities we call Subcultures.

Today, relevance hinges on achieving deep resonance within people’s personalized universes. But going niche doesn’t mean going small — brands can take note from none other than Taylor Swift, the pop superstar turned master of Mass Niche marketing. Swift tossed the old playbook for mass appeal and instead uses her multi-faceted identity to form deep, authentic connections across several subcultures while strengthening her status as a massive global sensation.

In this POV, we’ll delve into how she connects with every aspect of the cultural zeitgeist, guided by our research on Gen Z subcultures, to demonstrate actions brand marketers with budgets big and small can take with this knowledge to excel in Mass Niche strategy. 

To read the full report, click ‘Download PDF’ below.

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