SHE Media: Marketing to Gen Z with Horizon’s EVP, Chief of WHY Sheri Roder

January, 2023

Gen-Z is notorious for being media-savvy while remaining utterly unimpressed by traditional marketing tactics. SHE Media recently brought together Fiona Co Chan, Founder & CEO of Youthforia, Sheri Roder, Co-founder of LIMITLESS at Horizon Media & EVP, Chief of WHY, & Natalie Zfat, Social Media Expert & Forbes Contributor for expert advice on how to effectively engage the ever-elusive Gen Z with an authentic, ethical, and memorable approach.

Below are highlights from this conversation. The full video can be found here.

Recent research report by the WHY Group, outlined in The Gen Z Field Guide, found that unless recognizably famous or verified by the platform, people are more likely to remember the content that found them vs. the influencer creating it. So while there’s a lot of noise about creators, Gen Z is looking for personal, intimate spaces to connect.

Niche communities, interests, and cultures have always been compelling vessels for brands to influence audiences. But for Gen Z – the most fluid and fragmented generation yet – subcultures are the new demographics. And for marketers looking to reach this generation, finding ways to authentically connect with these subcultures is crucial.

So how can brands apply these findings? Subcultures are constantly changing, and there are many ways for brands to find connection. At Horizon’s WHY Group, keeping tabs on the evolving cultural zeitgeist is our specialty, and our cultural intelligence team works with a variety of clients to help them connect their ethos with existing cultural trends. For more information, contact

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