Inflation Nation Webinar: What Brands Should Know

October, 2022

As inflation continues to create economic uncertainty, brands must consider how these concerns are affecting people’s behavior and tailor strategies accordingly. But inflation doesn’t affect everyone equally. We’ve narrowed down three key groups – The Resilient, The Vulnerable, and The Anxious – with major differences in their level of concern about inflation dependent upon their political affiliation, and psychological and financial outlook.

Following the June release of the WHY Group’s Inflation Nation report, key author Maxine Gurevich, SVP Cultural Intelligence, shared thoughts and findings during a live webinar with the Radio Advertising Bureau. Highlights from the presentation and Q&A below offer insight into how inflation is affecting specific segments of the population, and what brands can do to reach them and build loyalty.

Inflation is ubiquitous, but Americans are not impacted equally.

Covid spending habits have cemented as people sacrifice simple pleasures, leading to a wallet lockdown.

How can brands across categories utilize this segment-specific knowledge?

The most valuable takeaway for brands:

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