Creating a Safer Tomorrow

April, 2020

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc, it’s business as UNusual as the impulse to evolve from old to new is stronger than ever. People are exercising a CTRL+ALT+CREATE mentality inspiring creations, alternative methods, and “better for you” innovations that open pathways to our brighter future.

To fight the pandemic in place, unexpected brands are finding creative ways to help. From distilleries producing hand sanitizers, textile factories churning out surgical masks, to GM’s manufacturing plant building ventilators, brands are creatively retooling to help essential workers on the frontlines.

Entertainment and fine arts brands are exploring inventive ways of getting content to people, too. With crowds unable to gather, performance artist Nick Green launched the Social Distancing Festival website, a portal designed to share art cancelled in the wake of the virus. The crowdsourced platform is an alternative outlet for community, connection, and donations to the arts.

Live sporting events also got a makeover.  ESPN’s NBA 2K20 Player Tournament, which started April 3, dove into the world of virtual gaming – played by real NBA players! While not exactly the real thing, people are creatively satisfied by the virtual faceoffs from the comfort of their homes.

Constant reminders to stay indoors pose a concern for stocking up on groceries. Thankfully, alternative delivery options sprouted to combat the risk of exposure during excursions. Fast-casual restaurant Tender Greens created produce box options for delivery, providing another solution to stocking up on fresh groceries. Back in New York, My Bodega Online launched ahead of schedule to help people get their necessities while safely supporting their local bodegas from home.

Brands can step up to fight the virus too. Convenience retail brands can innovate their distribution by creating “essentials boxes” for delivery.  Each box would include cleaning and hygiene essentials and would size up depending on household size. Keeping people indoors, stocked up, and preventing hoard-shopping will keep local communities safe and secure.

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