COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

May 5, 2021

Horizon Media set out to understand people’s mindsets, motivations, and hesitancy around COVID-19 vaccine adoption. This report dives into people’s feelings around the vaccine, exploring questions including:

  • What is their vaccination status and likelihood to get vaccinated if not already?
  • What concerns do they have personally about getting vaccinated?
  • What concerns do parents have about their children getting vaccinated
  • What are the benefits to getting vaccinated?
  • What could motivate the Vaccine-Hesitant to change their minds?
  • Which activities are worth getting vaccinated for?
  • Which activities do they believe people should be vaccinated in order to participate in?
  • What are their feelings about potential vaccine laws and vaccine passports?
  • Which entities—and categories of brands—do they trust most when it comes to getting information about COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccinations?
  • What impact does advocating for vaccination have on a brand that does so?

Click ‘Download PDF’ below to access the full report.

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