Amplifying The Games’ Epic Status

July 20, 2021

In a world of hyper- segmented entertainment, the Olympics are one of the few properties that hits on many cylinders, attracting one of the broadest audiences in the world. It is also rated as one of the most “epic” of all sporting events. This “Olympic epicness” – the best athletes in the world competing on the global stage– is the main reason viewers engage with the event. 

However, research into current attitudes around the Olympics has uncovered a potentially seismic shift in this ‘epicness,’ with critical implications for brands.  While the Olympics are still hugely anticipated, changes in the media environment and social attitudes have created a generation gap in how viewers perceive the Games. The future viewership of the Olympics, 18–34-year-olds, represent a puzzle of contradictions that both the Games and brands will need to solve to futureproof the value of this unique and invaluable cultural and commercial event.

To better understand how brands can respond to changing viewership and attitudes, Horizon Media’s WHY Group built what we call the EPIC framework, to keep the Olympics epic in the hearts and minds of fans, young and old alike.

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