A Pause to be Positive

November, 2020

2020 is challenging, and people are reframing mindsets to get by. Through positive, approachable affirmations and actions, people are exercising Positivity Power to celebrate achievements of greater good for themselves and for the community. In fact, 63% of US adults agree that, “A positive outlook on life is the key to achieving positive health outcomes.”*

Staying positive goes a long way during a bad day. For Nathan Apodaca, after his car broke down on the way to work, he recorded himself longboarding the remaining commute singing along to Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams, while enjoying swigs of Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry. The video, which now exceeds 69 million views, turned into a viral TikTok #Dreamschallenge, sending others to replicate the good vibes content, garnering another 11.6 million views. And the viral positivity did not stop there. People resonated and reacted to Apodaca’s good vibes, leading to the resurgence of Fleetwood Mac as a chart topping group after forty-three years. With Ocean Spray’s CEO noting 15 billion media impressions and retailers reporting “an additional draw off the shelf,” the brand expects to see increases in sales next quarter. Positivity returned two-fold for Apodaca. People donated funds to help him buy a house and Ocean Spray gifted him a new truck.

For citizens across the nation, food is also putting a positive spin on voting. Uber Eats teamed up with non-profit Pizza to the Polls. Despite the name, the effort rewarded people exercising their civic duty ahead of election day with free food of many varieties. Using 180 food trucks across 25 cities, they featured beloved staples from local chains ready to give back to the community like Shake Shack, Nuchas, and New York’s born and bred Milk Bar.

Brands can emulate positivity, too. A family friendly CPG brand can create a contest where people submit their favorite inspirational quote across social, #spreadingpositivity. Let people vote for their favorite and award the top 3 entries with exclusive discounts on products through the end of 2020. Spread the positivity further by incorporating the quote on product packaging or creative ads.

Source: *Horizon Media, Finger on the Pulse. Survey fielded 10/7/20 – 11/4/20, n=831

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