Well-Versed September 2023: A Web3 Newsletter by Chapter + Verse

October, 2023

Quick Summary:

  • New brands to Web3 such as Ducati continue to come to the tech despite the struggles in the digital artwork space.
  • Multiple brands are now exploring platforms such as Spatial, a trend we will continue to keep our eye on. Immersive experiences were popularized by the likes of Roblox and Decentraland, Spatial offers alternative possibilities for commerce and storytelling.


Paris Saint Germain released digital collectible posters as a new offering. Fans who collect all seven NFTs will also be eligible to win prints of Benicho’s original poster artwork, signed shirts from PSG players, and VIP tickets to attend the team’s final home match of the season.

Paris Saint-Germain FC

Lufthansa launched Web3 “Uptravel loyalty program, letting passengers collect digital trading cards when they fly on one of Lufthansa Group’s airlines.


Jack Daniels launched its “The Verse” Experience in Spatial the brand’s first immersive, virtual reality, experience. The world showcases the works of celebrated artists and creators while exploring the intersection of Hip Hop and innovation.

Vitaminwater is teaming up with the leading competitive gaming and content team PWR to unveil a vitamin water-themed island on Fortnite.

The Coca-Cola Company


Snap announced the closing of its Enterprise AR division. Among the reasons for the closure, the company cited the need to invest more heavily in web tools rather than mobile.

Chapter Two: Case Study


Coca-Cola, which has used artificial intelligence to help shape its marketing, is now using it to create products. The beverage brand says AI played a role in formulating its newest limited-edition flavor, “Y3000 Zero Sugar. The variety is supposed to taste “future flavored,” according to the brand.

The Coca-Cola Company


Coca-Cola is leveraging AI for engaging its consumers with bespoke product offerings, and to assist in the marketing of those offerings. AI in this case was leveraged to help design packaging, logo and text script. Leveraging emerging technology as a strategy is reminiscent of its Zero-Byte product release last year, its limited-edition drink “born in the metaverse”.


Brands are testing new ways to use emerging technologies such as AI and immersive experiences to entice consumers from product innovation to marketing.

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