The Technology Adoption Tracker

January 12, 2023

Since May 2022, Horizon Media’s WHY Group has been keeping a monthly pulse on people’s perceptions of and engagement with four key technologies: NFTs, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the metaverse. Our first report on this data, The Technology Adoption Tracker Report, dives into the current landscape to answer the big question: does the buzz surrounding these new technologies impact the general public the way it does the business world? 

Each month we check in with nearly 1,000 people 18+ nationwide via the Finger on the Pulse panel to understand their mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors, including: 

  • What is their familiarity with these four key technologies?
  • Is this familiarity matched with an understanding of these technologies?
  • Have they purchased/engaged with any of these technologies?
  • Are they interested in purchasing or engaging with these technologies in the future?
  • With NFTs, what categories are grabbing interest?

We found that despite the active media chatter, these technologies are not yet mainstream for most people, both in terms of adoption and general knowledge. And even those who are deeply involved don’t have a clear understanding of what the technologies actually are.

Click ‘Download PDF’ below to access the full report.

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