The Role of eCommerce in Holiday Shopping

October 13, 2020

Holiday shopping amid a pandemic has brought us into uncharted territory. People are emotionally charged and financially unsettled. The ongoing uncertainty about the economy has weighed heavily on Q4 Holiday Shopping forecasts:  Sales growth is predicted to slow to 1-1.5%, as compared to 2019’s strong season of 4.1% growth equating to $1.14 trillion in sales.*

With this critical sales period around the corner, and the fact that 96% of people will do at least some shopping online, Horizon Media’s WHY Group, in collaboration with Horizon’s eCommerce Consultancy Night Market, set out to explore people’s mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors in connection with the role of eCommerce as we approach this year’s Q4 Holiday Shopping period.**

By delving deeper into how people are feeling and talking about the holidays, drawing comparisons to last year, and understanding changes to their online shopping and gift-giving behaviors, a roadmap emerged to guide brands in their development of engagement strategies.

Click ‘Download PDF’ below to access the full report.

*Source: Deloitte, September 2020; **Horizon Media, Finger on the Pulse. Survey fielded 9/18/20-9/20/20, n=1062

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