Shaking off the Stress

January, 2021

To counterbalance strain in stressful times, people are granting themselves permission to put their own mental health and wellbeing first. Putting ME First is non-negotiable as people realize that before helping others, they must help themselves.

Stress is inevitable, yet people have a variety of tactics to neutralize the strain. Like self-gifting. In fact, 29% of U.S. adults shopped for a gift for themselves this past holiday season.* What better way to settle stress than with a bouquet of flowers that never wilt? Lego recently released building block bouquets made with plant-based plastic catered to Millennials who could use a pick-me-up.

When receiving gifts doesn’t settle the storm, people turn their energy outward to healthy alternative outlets. Rage rooms are multiplying across the states as the impacts from the pandemic leave many feeling out of control. Right before the pandemic hit, Business Insider reported 60 rage room venues across the nation. Since then, new venues are springing in places like North Carolina, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, Chicago, and Connecticut to name a few.

Rage rooms sound too physical? People can now call a hotline made specifically for them to scream and hang up. The hotline, Just Scream, makes it simple: call, wait for the beep, then scream to your heart’s content, and hang up. Taking things further, all screams are recorded and uploaded to their website, helping people find communal catharsis in the cries of strangers across the globe.

Brands can help foster a productive release from stress too. An athletics brand can promote feelings of wellbeing with weekly virtual Instagram Live donation-based “Dance It Off” sessions. Invite the public to join for 30 minutes of light-hearted movement that releases the stress and replaces it with healthy endorphins. Provide sweepstake opportunities for random participants to win discounts on products or services.

Source: *Horizon Media, Finger on the Pulse. Survey fielded 9/18/20-9/20/20, n=1,062

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