Optimizing Brand Response in a COVID-19 World

Alison Joseph, May 1, 2020

To help brands navigate their COVID-19 response strategies, Horizon Media developed a three step optimization approach for helping brands evaluate their current performance and uncover future opportunities. Before applying the optimizer, brands must determine if they are a Hero, Quarantreat or Sleeper brand by answering three questions:

  • What fundamental need can your brand deliver at this stage of the pandemic?
  • What is your brand’s core competency?
  • What is your brand’s expectation to take action?

The Brand Response Optimizer assesses category potential and individual brand performance to uncover an opportunity gap. It factors in multiple inputs such as expectations to act, trust, perception and visibility of response.

The report highlights illustrations of The Brand Response Optimizer in action to help brands determine the best path forward to truly helping people throughout the course of this pandemic.

Click ‘Download PDF’ below to access the full report.

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