New Normal News: Travel Edition

July, 2022

Horizon Media’s WHY Group utilized the New Normal Tracker in conjunction with an additional study focused on New Normal Travel to help brands keep informed on how people are feeling about travel given both COVID-19 and a period of massive inflation.

After extensive periods of restrictions, travelers are eager to get out and see the world again. But as a result, a surge in demand is putting a major strain on a system that has not fully recovered from the impact of COVID-19. Despite price hikes and logistical hassles, people are finding creative ways to enjoy epic adventures. Given this turbulent environment, we set out to understand: 

  • How do people feel about travel now compared to other periods in the pandemic?
  • What is causing them the most concern while traveling?
  • How are people planning around cost increases?
  • What role can brands play in helping people navigate current circumstances?

Click ‘Download PDF’ below to access the full report report.

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