Inflation Now Affecting the Financially Resilient

March, 2023

When we released our first report on inflation last year, we showed that not everyone was feeling the pinch equally, so we grouped our respondents into three segments based on attitudes about inflation and spending behavior: The ResilientThe Anxious, and The Vulnerable.

On par with our 2022 findings, more than 2/3 are concerned or very concerned about inflation. What’s new this year, however, is 71% of The Resilient are implementing at least one cost-saving measure, an increase from 62% last year. This is a potential warning sign for brands who may have thought they could rely on this cohort to be financially “above the fray” and to continue spending as freely as last year.

To learn more about who is cutting back and where, and what it means for brands, read our full report Inflation Nation: One Year Later here.

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