Hacking Bad Habits

January, 2020

With boundless options and temptations available, people seek solutions that help them build better habits and stay on track.

In fact, 82% of US adults agree that they “would be more open to changing wellness habits for the better if it required little to no effort.”* Discipline Heroes have emerged to assist, and tech is a leading helper, taking the effort out of maintaining healthier lives.

Simplifying oral health is top of mind for the Y-brush. The brush, now available for purchase, evenly brushes all teeth at once with its unique mouthguard-like design. The shortened traditional process, from two minutes to ten seconds, begs to be an un-skippable staple in hygienic routines.

A harder habit to uphold is eating right, more so when considering dietary needs. To the rescue? DNANudge, currently available in select markets, helps people grocery shop based on their DNA. With the aid of a saliva swab, the device analyzes nutrition-related health conditions like type 2 diabetes and links results to an app and wristband. Scanning product barcodes with the wristband gives shoppers either a green or red indicator, helping them identify food matches and making diets easier to stick to.

To address the latter half of the meal planning process, Samsung added a new  feature to its Family Hub fridge. The new meal planning app suggests customized recipes based on factors such as what’s in the fridge, number of guests, and dietary restrictions/preferences. Staying on top of weekly cooking and with less food waste becomes a simpler routine.

Brands can seamlessly encourage healthy routines too. A home improvement brand could add a personalized app feature that tracks the longevity of structures within your home after an initial project. With reminders and suggestions for the next home improvement project (e.g. time to replace the insulation), homeowners will be at ease knowing the app has it figured out for them.

Source: *Horizon Media, Finger on the Pulse. Survey fielded 10/7/20 – 11/4/20, n=831

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