Enter the Z Chat: Four Gen Zers Talk Social and Shopping Habits

November, 2023

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If Gen Zers are defined by a single attribute, it’s that their fluid sense of individuality makes them harder to pin down than their older counterparts.

This November, SVP of Cultural Intelligence Maxine Gurevich sat down with a diverse group of Gen Zers ages 12-27 from Horizon’s in-house Z Lab to find out how they’re using social media, making purchasing decisions, and what this generation values most. Below are excerpts from the conversation.

Our Z Lab helps us stay tight with Gen Z. To tap into our expertise and learn how to reach them askwhy@horizonmedia.com.

For Gen Z, the effectiveness of social media influencers depends on their perceived authenticity — something this generation is quick to decipher.

When it comes to entertainment, TikTok can be the entry point into — or even the replacement for — watching content on streaming networks.

With self-expression, the pressure to stand out has replaced the pressure to fit in.

Following millennials’ beauty filters and Botox-driven Age of Instagram Face, Gen Zers as young as twelve are adopting preventative skincare habits to stay one step ahead of the aging process.

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