Getting Back on the Road

October, 2020

Despite the current risks involved, vacation time is necessary to preserve mental sanity. People are getting CTRL+ALT+CREATIVE with how they go about “getting out.”

A Google Trend search on the term “Road trips near me” shows the highest surge in all years of available data, reflecting the decision of more Americans than ever before opting for alternative adventures locally. While weekend excursions may help relieve some mental stress, many working adults find themselves stir-crazy, spending most of the week with a blurred work-life balance from home.

With 19 major companies extending WFH and some like REI announcing their plan to work remotely indefinitely, remote work is likely the “new normal 9-5.” The solution? The next best alternative: a workcation. And yes, we mean a new place to work from home! Hospitality brands are taking notice and offering complete workcation packages with perks that exceed the status quo. Imagine an office with oceanic views, room service, poolside cabanas, plus golfing at The Lodge at Torrey Pines in La Jolla California!

For those daring to travel abroad, travel planning and curating app, DragonSlayer, innovatively answers traveler concerns in our pandemic reality. The app calculates scores for top destinations factoring in the user’s self-reported risk tolerance, along with the location’s quarantine guidelines, healthcare system, testing abilities, and current COVID-19 status of infections and deaths.

Brands can clear the fog between work-life balance and enable adventure, too. Local brands can capitalize on #workationers by partnering with Airbnb to offer exclusive perks to fatigued workers looking for a change of scenery. Offer unique deals that help people seamlessly explore local business and events during their stay. Starting the morning with the best local coffee shop around or getting in a midday workout at the local gym will give a refreshing touch to the mundane work week. In exchange, Airbnb can mutually benefit with a portion of increased local revenue from partnering businesses.

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